Located in Hanchuan city Economic Development Zone, adjacent to China biggest logistrics certer, Dongxihu District of Wuhan City, 40km far from Hankou Railway Station, Hubei Zhuangmei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional food additive producer integrating research, development, production and sales, producingnatural high-quality lactic acid, lactate salts and calcium propionate etc., the products are extensively used in foods, pharmaceutical, environment-friendly materials etc.

Our production scale is annual output of 3,000 tons of calcium lactate, 1,200 tons of lactic acid powder and 2,000 tons of sodium lactate powder.

Zhuangmei Biotech has a stable and extensive sales network. The products are supplied not only to the fields of food, pharmaceutical, feedstuff, coatings and materials in Wuhan and Central-southern regions China, but also to many countries and regions across the world. Zhuangmei Biotech have highly qualified customer service specialists with professional knowledge, many market information sources and rich experiences to offer the tailored products. Zhuangmei Biotech is not only a good supplier of the products, but also a good adviser to develop new products and open up new markets.

Zhuangmei Biological introduces the belief “Safety, health and environment” into the entire process of research and development, production, quality management and innovation, emphasizes harmonious development of social benefits, environmental protection and social responsibilities in production and operation activities, and promotes achievement of the public target of healthy, natural, nutrient, safe, fine and saving life.



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