What is the best dosage of Sodium lactate Powder in meat products?

The recommended dosage of Sodium Lactate Powder is 0.5-3% as a water-retaining agent in meat products, meantime, it has also the function of antioxidant. Sodium lactate powder has the effect of reducing the water activity in meat products when used as a water-retaining agent, so it also has the effect of anti-corrosion and prolonging the shelf life of the final product.

However, the amount of sodium lactate powder used in meat is determined by local laws and regulations. In China, the recommended dosage for single use is 0.5%-1%. The recommended dosage for use in compound preservatives is 0.1%-0.5%.

As sodium lactate powder is easily to absorb moisture in air and get caked. The method to prevent caking is shown as below: 

1. in factory well packed bags, sodium lactate powder is not easy to cake. The caking phenomenon mainly occurs during the inspection or use when open the bags in air. 

2. Keep the relative humidity when opening the packing bags. generally at a normal temperature of 20-25, open the bag or use it in a closed environment with a relative humidity less than 35%.  

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